• Sing, nap, monkey. #NEWALBUM http://t.co/QNqBkOQMHo
  • Jim Roach tracking drums for us at #Palmquiststudios. Grateful to work with extremely talented and amazing friends http://t.co/Fmrh5Zjje6
  • RT @sarisongs: Today tracking @TheYoungRomans n LA #palmquiststudios. Tonight flying to @bunburyfestival with @iamjessethomas Woop http://t…
  • @dglambert Thanks for the shoutout David. See you soon! @TheFostersABCF
  • RT @dglambert: And a shoutout to Brad Hooks from @TheYoungRomans the actual writer of the song "Outlaws" you have him to thank for that one…